Productivity Coach – Marley Jackman


My name is Marley Jackman and I am the Productivity Coach for the Waterford Lakes office. When I first started at Keller Williams I was welcomed with open arms. I received incredible training, coaching, and mentoring that gave me the confidence and skills I needed to be successful at my job. I can now offer the same onboarding experience to new agents that I work with in order to give them the strong foundation they need to be successful in Real Estate.

I have had a passion for sports since I was very young, I have played almost all of them and enjoy watching the rest. Having grown up in Tampa, I am a huge Buccaneers fan (through the good times and bad, mostly bad). I also love the Tampa Bay Rays and watch almost every game during the season.  As an alumnus of The University of Florida, I am an obnoxious Gator fan. I bleed orange and blue, and I’m proud of it! As much pride as I have for my school, I have even more for my workplace. Keller Williams is truly a one of a kind company that I am blessed to work for.


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